Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Wednesday Thoughts~ Journaling

Well, it is 5 am, I have been up for about an hour, finished some dishes from yesterday and cleaned up a bit. Just sipping on my coffee and listening for dh's alarm to go off. I have been getting up early this week, to have some quiet time for prayer,Bible, and computer time. For some reason this morning my brain is not catching up with my body lol, brain wants rest, body wants to be up!

There it is, the morning beeee beeee beeeep. Dh uses the oven alarm so that he will have to get up and shut it off. He use to use an alarm clock next to the bed but ha, he would just keep shutting it off. Well .........not sure this is working either because he shuts this one off and sets it again every couple minutes. Poor guy he has not been getting to bed at a decent time. Last night he called on his way home and asked if we needed anything in town. I was out of some of the necessities (bread, water, milk, Diet Pepsi). For Christmas my dad gave us money, so I bought some new pants, but had to take them back....ike, if I would only try things on......NOT!
So we hit the grocery, and Sears to return my pants. Needless to say dh is not real fun to shop with, and for that matter his son, is taking after him! It was run in, run out.

I am exited about my new goals and am praying I will follow through with them this year. My plan is to Journal them and for dh to hold me accountable. I hate making New Years resolutions, why you ask, hmmmm well you guessed it, if you know me, I don't do so well with consistency and following through with things................. ack drives me crazy! Thumbs Down Maybe if I make short term goals daily and then accomplish them.....I will be motivated, knowing I have followed through with them.

Goals............hmm next entry. I am exited to say most of the goals I had yesterday I accomplished......... Yes

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