Sunday, January 4, 2009

Very interesting.

As I was looking at the gallop poles of 2008, I thought about this Christmas and how much better it was then any years past.
Despite of our situation and financial struggle!

It truly for our family was THE BEST Christmas! We spent more time together, read our Bibles together, ate together, prayed together. Funny thing is............we spent less then we ever have on gifts. All the granparents gifts were home-made, and we spent about $65 on each of our kids.

Wayne had more time off this year due to the company being so slow with the economy woes.

It was so nice to have him home for a week during Christmas and then another 7 days for New Years.

God has really blessed us, and I am truly greatful that we learned a valuable lesson about money and how it does not buy our happiness. As our family reflected this Christmas we all were thankful for the many things God has blessed us with..............Our Salvation, Our Family, Our Health, and our Church!

May we never forget to count our blessings my friends.

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