Monday, April 23, 2012

A new journey will begin next week as we travel back to Washington. I am not sure this time I am as exited about it, honestly. When we came here to Texas I had time to pray about it and knew that was God's direction. It was sad to leave family, but it felt like it was a God given direction. Looking back over this past year, there have been so many life lessons that we needed as a family. The blessings of working with family, a church that taught us so much about love, sweet friendships, and a loving community made it so worth it!

Next week we will be moving to a town in Eastern Washington that is about 4 hours from home. I have been researching that area to find a good church and an area that we can find a house in. This week we are going to be cleaning and getting everything ready to leave on Sunday. Yesterday was our last day at Agnes. It was sad to say goodbye to so many who had such an impact in my life. I am not sure what the next chapter in our life will be. I am trying to look at it the same way I did coming here. I love everything about this place. I pray we find a church as loving and kind as Agnes Baptist Church!

The boys have all of their stuff packed. Most of our furniture is already gone. I am looking forward to seeing my family next week. Wayne said his job is going well and he should know a date to be over in the Tri Cites area soon. A new adventure is about to begin.......


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