Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Texas Storm Season and Info

Definition: Tornado -- 1. A violently rotating column of air, in contact with the ground, either pendant from a cumuliform cloud or underneath a cumuliform cloud, and often (but not always) visible as a funnel cloud.

Compared with other States, Texas ranks number 1 for frequency of Tornadoes, 1 for number of deaths, 1 for injuries and 1 for cost of damages. Based on data from 1950 - 1995. Between 1950 and 1995 the state had 7,554 injuries involving tornadoes. This ranks the state number 1 among the States for injury.

Tornados are rated by severity and wind speed using the Fujita scale of F0-F5:

F-1: (73 - 112mph) - Moderate Damage - Roof surfaces are peeled off, windows are broken, some tree trunks are snapped, unanchored manufactured homes are over-turned, attached garages may be destroyed. This house experienced partial roof removal, only on the windward (near) side; therefore, this damage site was rated F1.

The primary tornado season in Texas is from March through June, but tornados can occur in any month of the year.Tornados often form in the southwest part of thunderstorms - next to the part of the storm where heavy rain or hail is falling.

Opening windows will NOT equalize pressure and prevent an explosion of the house if hit by a tornado.

Tornados are not the only weather killers in Texas: Lightning, tornados and high winds take an average of 15 lives each year in Texas alone. 51 people died as a direct result of tornados in the US in 2003.

The latest 4 large killer tornados in Texas:

  • May 27, 1997: A twister hits Jarrell in Central Texas, killing 30. Two other deaths from other storms are confirmed in nearby Travis County.
  • May 22, 1987: A tornado hits the small West Texas town of Saragosa during a kindergarten graduation ceremony, flattening the community center and church, killing 30 people and injuring more than 100.
  • April 10, 1979: Forty-two people are killed and more than 1,700 injured by a tornado in Wichita Falls. More than 3,000 homes are destroyed and 20,000 people left homeless.
  • May 11, 1953: A tornado hits Waco, killing 114 people and injuring 597. An estimated 150 homes and 185 other buildings are destroyed.

The word tornado comes from two Spanish words: tronado meaning thunderstorm and tornar meaning to turn.

On the average, a tornado's path is 4 miles long and 400 yards wide but can be as long as 100 miles long and a mile wide

The average tornado travels at a speed of 25-40 miles per hour, but tornadoes have been known to reach speeds up to 70 mph. Winds inside a tornado can swirl at close to 300 mph. They stay on the ground for an average of 4-5 minutes, but they can touch down several times.

Most tornados:

  • move from southwest to northeast
  • rotate in a counterclockwise direction in the Northern Hemisphere and clockwise in the Southern Hemisphere
  • occur between 3 and 7 P.M.
  • are reported to occur most often in the United States

Homeschool Happenings ~ Texas History

We are finishing up the year with some History lessons on Texas

Our View ...Stormy Skies

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Home Happenings 5-22-11

Good Afternoon!

Everything is unpacked and we are settled in our new home. It still doesn't feel like home, but I know with time it will. Finding a church home has been a bit challenging. We have been plugging along with school and will hopefully finish by the end of June. Austen had the privilege of going to work with dad on Saturday...he really enjoyed it! I think it is so important to teach our kids a good work ethic when they are young. We personally make it a part of homeschool so that our kids learn skills of being out in the community.

We have faced some trying times in this season of our life...but have felt the peace of God. Moving away from a place we lived all of our lives was one of the hardest things I have done!

Wayne is the best provider and is working hard in his new job here in Texas. The biggest blessing is for him to work alongside of a godly man who loves the Lord!! The Bragg family has been such a encouragement to us! Austen is exited about getting his permit and learning to drive, (not so sure I am... lol). Blake has made some new friends in the neighborhood and is adjusting very well here.

Ok..I know ya' ll have been wondering about this Texas weather... and how we are adjusting to it. Well, it has been fairly mild thus far but this is storm season and we are under a Tornado watch this evening. The night we got here, we had a hail storm...that was interesting!! I think it was fine until I had to drive to the into Dallas in it! I was so scared! I will say though the heat beats the rain back home. Ya, the heat is hot and at times uncomfortable but sunshine is so much better then a dreary day back home.

Well, I suppose...I need to go finish the cake I am making to take to the Braggs for dinner.

Have a GREAT weekend!