Saturday, October 31, 2009

Who is the leader in your home?

Respecting a husband's need and responsibility to lead is a way to demonstrate love and obedience to God (Eph 5:22, Colossians 3:18, 1 Peter 3:7)
A woman's refusal to submit to her husband's leadership stems from her desire to please
herself rather than to please the Lord. Only as a woman commits herself to living to please the Lord will she be able to submit to a imperfect leadership of her husband and encourage him to become all he can be in Christ. Both love and submission are based on the love of God for us. Women need to understand that God rewards a woman who honors her husband's right to lead, whether her husband deserves the honor or not.

My Thoughts
This has not been an easy area in my life, but I am learning to be as I grow in the Lord. I think the neatest thing is when we see our husbands lead. A lot of the time I know I hindered my walk with the Lord by not submitting to my husband. The truth be told.......he feared my disapproval and thus held back from leading our home. Let me ask you friend......are you critical when your husband says "No" on an issue or something you want? Do you pout or get upset because he disagrees with you? Do you ask his opinion, or do you just go ahead and do what you feel is right? The lesson I am learning is that when I go against my husbands wishes, or try to manipulate a situation....ummm I reap the consequences of doing so. However when I encourage my husband to lead by submitting to the God given authority, the blessing are endless! I have never been disappointed when I have let my husband lead.....NEVER! God is so gracious and loving. He has the perfect plan, the one that brings true happiness.....we must just believe it and OBEY it!!!

Friday, October 30, 2009

When Dreams Become Demands

Demands are anything we believe we must have in order to be happy and fulfilled. To say we prefer a good husband or wife is healthy. God prefers that too. However, we don't have to have an ideal spouse to be happy and we don't have to have an ideal spouse to enjoy a happy marriage. Couples who enjoy a lifetime marriage of joyful companionship do so in spite of
faults and failures. They are people who choose to overlook faults rather then find them.
The BIBLE tells us...........
He that covereth a transgression seeketh love (prov 17:9)
Hatred stirreth up strife; but love covereth all sins (prov 10:12)
Dear sister, may we realize how precious our marriage is and stop bickering and tearing our husbands apart. Do we realize what we have?
List 5 things you love about your husband, and then write him a note today telling him what you love about him.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Selfishness~ Marriage

Problems arise when the eyeball does not wish to function as part of the body but wants to operate independent of the body. A married woman who is bent on pursuing her own interests and autonomy apart from her husbands either does not understand or willfully refuses to cooperate with God's design for her life.
How are you specifically helping your husband achieve his goals?
Today's Challenge
List 5 ways you believe you can be a help to your husband.