Friday, January 9, 2009

Fridays All About....

Date: 1/9/09

Day: Friday


Weather Today: Overcast, but no rain YAE!

In The News: I duno have no turned it on.

News & Events with family and friends: Wayne's work week went well. He made it to the dentist and to the doctor yesterday. His dentist appointment went ok. The doctor told him that the area that was bothering him (where the wisdom tooth was pulled) will be sore for awhile and he will need to take pain meds as he needs them. Doctor visit was just a med check, but she did ask that he go to the sleep clinic. The boys also had dental appointments. Blake had his very first dental appointment. He did so well. No Cavities (Yae!) Austen on the other hand has 2 cavities, and they also want to seal his pre-molars and another sealant that came off.

My best friend Becky, I spoke with yesterday lost another horse, her daughter had a difficult time. I called this am and they were doing better. I wanted to get together with her today and go to lunch, but I had to stay home and have the kids get their school work done since we missed yesterday.

I am exited about: This week went very well, a few disappointments, but for the most part I stayed on track with my schedule. I woke up every day early for my morning Bible reading & prayer. It has made a HUGE difference in the way things went this week!!!

I am concerned about: The flooding in our area and the friends who were effected by it. That this mucus MONSTER is sticking around to long! My family getting this cold, and finances.

Thankful For: My Children, being able to be a SAHM and be with my children every day, Austen doing better in school, Wayne's job, My church (miss everyone), My best friend......she is always there when I need her and our kids are friends :) My BIBLE.......what God has been showing me this past week, The Holy Spirit 'walk in the spirit and ye shall not fulfil the lust of the flesh.'

Physically & Mentally: Physically, feeling better, but this Mucus Bug has camped out in my chest now and so I am coughing and congested. Mentally.......good, I am just thankful!

What I learned today: I choose my destiny............not where I am at, but HOW I deal with the circumstances in my life. I can choose to dwell and worry or I can choose to allow God to work through those things. I need to be careful what comes out of my mouth. Is it edifying or tearing down? Is it complaining or is it being thankful? (these are current convictions)

People/Things that brightened my day: Blake's morning hugs, hubby's cheerful uplifting phone call.

What did I do to brighten someone Else's day?: Wrote and sent a card to a member at church. Encouraged Austen on his school work *he was thanking me

Goals/Ideas for a better tomorrow: Not get up so late ugh, I woke up 4 am did my devotions, went back to bed around 6 and then overslept till 9:30 Dismay

Bible Reading/ Devotion: I am going through Psalm 119.............loving it

Verse that spoke to me, among many others!

It's a Beautiful Thing

Psalm 119:133......a daily prayer, I need to pray.

Order my steps in thy word: and let not iniquity have dominion over me.

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