Tuesday, January 6, 2009

A New Day.....

I decided to get up after dear hubby went to work this am, oh about 5:20 or so. I have a ton of CD's with graphics on them so I was going through them in my PSP 8 program. It is always fun to go through old disks..........I found lot's of goodies for my blog. I use to be in several graphic lists, and collected them for years.

Agenda For Tuesday
*Correct school work from yesterday
* Go over math and English with Austen
* Laundry (yikes, I didn't do any yesterday)
* Exercise (yup, I did my first work out of the year yesterday) Oh I'm sore lol
* Pay some bills
* Work 1 hour with Blake on reading and letters/numbers
* Nap (huh well, hopefully)

Goal For Today
To walk in the spirit........continue in prayer, for the Lords help with being consistent.
To not waste valuable time, remember my purpose, my calling as a wife and mom.
To be a blessing to my husband and children today.
That God's will would be done in my life TODAY.

Lord, I am weak today, still getting over this cold, help me today not to complain and murmur but to be thankful today for your grace. Help me be soft spoken today with my children, that they may see you through me. I desperately need you today, I know there are many things you are working on in my life........may I allow the Holy Spirit to move and work and to DO your will.
Lord I do pray that I can be encouragement to someone today, and to have joy in my heart as I go about my day.
I thank you for my boys who I do not deserve to have but you have given them to me. I love them and Lord I want to train them up to know you and to serve you all of their life.
In Jesus Precious name, AMEN

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