Saturday, July 18, 2009

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Attitude~Joy Restored

This is a personal experience I am sharing of How the Lord is working in my life,
it may just be for me but, possibly you are going through the same thing and the verses God gave me will help you too! We do not have to stay in a miserable state because of our circumstances!! We need not blame others for our unhappiness either!

1 Tim 6:6
But godliness with contentment is great gain.

Proverbs 17:22
A merry heart doeth good like a medicine:
but a broken spirit drieth up the bones.

Being content takes God's work in your heart! Our flesh is so weak that way. It would always ceased to amaze me how some children of God were so full of JOY? I know sad that it amazed me, but It has been a very long while since I have had the true joy of Christ in my heart!

As I lie in bed last night and pondered how the Lord is working in my heart, tears of repentance rolled down my cheeks. I have been miserable for the past few years in my Christian walk. I sometimes wondered........why, why, can't I get out of this funk? I would look at my situation and say well my life is just not what I wanted it to children, my marriage, my health? Complain and murmur is what I would do....... some of you know you kindly listened to it.......ugh sorry this is part of the healing for me of repentance, it is a sin. We are to be thankful in EVERYTHING. Lord help me in this area where I am terribly weak!

God had prepared several key messages for me to hear that started this turning point. We are such a pitiful people who want our own way and seek it in the wrong way? Well maybe you think your not? I tell you speaking from experience...Pride can be a HUGE stumbling block, don't fool yourself as I did!
The Lord tells us in his Word, Our ways are NOT his ways (Isa 55:8.) why are we not dying to self daily? We struggle because we don't ask God to help? It saddens me that I have wasted so much time idle!! Oh friend I missed out on so many blessings!

Oh Lord let me not wonder from thy path! For your will is the perfect place to be.

A long while ago when my husband and I did some marriage counseling my Pastor gave a
verse to us that, I really didn't grasp until now. Yes, I knew what it meant but I really didn't apply it in my life!

Ponder thy path of thy feet, and let all thy ways be established. Prov 4:26
*that word Ponder here mean to 'make way, make level, even'

Prov 4:18
But the path of the just is a shining light, that shineth more and more unto the perfect day.
God says here that the path of a true Christian shineth MORE and MORE until we get called home.

Are we molding to Christ character or are we going our own way? Are we becoming more godly or more worldly? Do we know God's precepts but do not apply them? DO WE HAVE an attitude of gratitude? I sure have not, but Lord help me to change my wicked ways!

Oh boy, growing pains are hard but man they are so worth it! Remember he is the Potter, we are the clay.

I want to be a light for Christ in my life, I want my children to see that MY ONLY HOPE IS IN CHRIST ALONE! Oh to many times I have herd my children act the same way I do!! OUCH!

I thank you for this devotion that you have laid on my heart to share, this is a very personal lesson I needed......sometimes the path of life is so difficult and we want to know why? This is where we lose the JOY, You have given us many examples in your Word one that comes to my mind is where Paul writes 'For I have learned for whatsoever state I am in therwith to be content' Lord we KNOW it is possible. I pray that you would continue to help me purge that ugly sin in my life called ungratefulness!! Restore my joy so I can be a testimony.
Help me to see the blessings and not look upon my circumstances. I can not see 'why' but I can trust you that you are preparing your perfect will in my life as long as I submit to you.
In Jesus Precious Name,

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Confessions Of A_____________.

confessions of a __________.

Ha.... you, guess what that missing word is when I am finished with the blog post. And please due forgive me for typos because folks I left my brain at the supermarket! Ya, Umm... the day started off well, but all was lost at the grocery store. I know that those of you who know me are snickering right now! Why is it I always forget to bring my list of things I need?

I am slowly....I mean slowly walking down the first isle in the store, thinking Ok Brandie,you didn't bring your list, you did not eat before you came and, you have not had Doritos in a WEEK!!!! BAD COMBINATION!!

I tried ever, ever so hard to stop myself, I even prayed, Dear Lord you KNOW me, I am weak, I am craving Doritos and those chocolate donuts would go so good with that chocolate milk I just through in the cart! So I ran from the isle like 60 (hey you would have thought I was a professional runner). I said .............GET THEE behind me Satan!! I can not have the JUNK!
Well who do you think won that battle?? I am sitting here at my computer eating a nutritious banana...OOOPS TyPo I mean chocolate donut, trying to muster up the energy to shut off my alarm that is telling me to get off the computer. Now you know I confessed!!! So much for those hard earned, sacrificing 9 lbs that I lost!!! Sheeesh! Oh and the computer thing if you are wondering (I put a timer on so I can be reminded that umm sitting is not getting your housework done!) Ya call me childish, but it works for me.

All RIGHT, I will not tell anymore of my secrets because you may be judging me at this very moment...Ya you are, either you are thinking man she blew it, or your thinking........Brandie has done lost her mind!! LOL.naaa hope you had a laugh today ::::grins:::::

On a serious note. The Lord has been so good to me lately and is giving me peace about the fibro. I ask God daily to restore my peace, it can be difficult when your in pain. But the Lord is answering my prayers and I have a joy I didn't have before this all. Ya, I do feel misunderstood alot but I know my Lord knows just where I am, and He will give me the mercy and grace to get through it! I am learning to have some humor with this all. I am learning to live in the simple things, not to be so uptight about life. Praise I was uptight !!!Well, the Lord is not finished with me there, I got a long ways to go!!!
Can you guess what that missing word was in the title LOL

Hugs, Have a blessed Day!!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009


What is your attitude today towards your trials?

Do you see opportunities in difficulties or difficulties in opportunities?
Do you know every trial we have there is a choice, an opportunity?
We need to ask ourselves, how can I honor and glorify God through this?

Who is watching dear friend? Is it your children, is it your family?
Do they see a difference in you? As I sit here and type my husbands family
is dealing with a whole lot of finacial stress. How will I react when they come to me with
these burdens? They are not saved, and this stress, is really bringing them down. But there should be a difference in the Christian that has hope, shouldn't there be?
I don't have time to type out all these and for some reason I am not able to copy and paste these but if you are stsruggling in this area these are great verses to remind us!

Psalm 31:24
Psalm 33:18
Psalm 78:7
Psalm 146:5

Proverbs 10:48