Thursday, January 8, 2009

GREAT Quotes~

"It's not WHAT they learn in school, but it's what they learn to BE" - Roy Masters

"We have in America the largest public school system on earth, the most extensive curriculum, but nowhere else is education so blind to its objectives, so indifferent to any specific outcome as in America. One trouble has been in negative character. It has aimed at the repression of faults rather than the creation of virtues." - William P. Faunce

"Character development is the great, if not the sole, aim of education." - O'Shea

Oh wow these are so true, but so far from the truth in the public school arena!!!

(just a side note.......My youngest Blake is in public school kindergarten and then my oldest Austen is homeschooled (for 4 years). Honestly,we know the home is where character is taught. I am exited and can not wait until Blake is homeschooled (next year). This year he goes 2-3 days of public and then I school him at home the other days. Monday he came home and told me they watched and entire movie that day. Now I am not against movies n all but my point here is........a majority of their day is not spent learning the basic curriculum. Drives me crazy, some times. I help out at his school often, and I see it every time. They 'play' most of the time. It was interesting the first few weeks of school Blake would bring his school work folder home, and there were several papers that I had downloaded 'free' off the web for him to do and his teacher was also getting them from the web........some off the same sites I was :)

Just yesterday he came home and told us about this girl that just will not leave him alone. She constantly says 'she loves him' . Now I realize it's probably innocent at this age, but as I have been there to see with my own eyes, this is where it all begins. The second day in class as I helped the teacher cut out some things for their project that day, I overheard a lil girl saying

"Joey is my boyfriend" I looked at the teacher and she smiled and replied, "Ya they think that is what kindergarten is about 'getting a boyfriend'. I am tired of him coming home and saying he gets teased because kids say that such and such like him.

He usually blushes and says 'yuck' when he tells us. Please don't take me wrong here, I know most of us will grin and think it's cute. My point is that it's being indoctrinated into these children at a very young age. Austen when he was in public kindergarten, there were kids on the bus that would constantly call him 'gay'. He knew what that was at the age of 5........sad!

Ok off my soap box now

I BTW struggled with the descision to homeschool and there are many kids I'm sure who come out of the public school system fine..........but as a parent I see more and more every day the 'need' to homeschool if it is a possibility.


Tonya said...

I love that you shared what kindergarten is really like. You are so right. It is very sad and it isn't 'cute'. These poor kids are not able to be kids. I am glad you will be bringing him home next year.
Thanks for checking my blog, I will keep an eye on you too.
Thanks for praying for my son.
In Him,

GraceFromHim said...

Your blog moved me to tears. It was a true blessing and it really made me stop and realize that every day with our children is a gift. They are God's children, given to us for a time. What a gift God has given us. May we not take a day for granit.
Your a Blessing dear sister,