Friday, February 6, 2015

Today...Psalm 19

You have made a difference in my life! Post-#1

Carey House- So many things come to my mind but one thing that stands out is your Love for the Lord and compassion for others. You are a great Pastor's wife and a good friend.

Becky Harris- You have a huge heart and are so willing to go the extra mile to make a difference in peoples lives.

Becky Lanphear- My best friend that has been by my side for over 20 years.

Terri Roberts- The minute I met you there was a connection, as if we had been friends forever. You opened up and shared your heart. You are one of the reason I miss Texas the most!

Michelea Adams- You light up a room! I loved your transparency and miss your friendship. I know that your goal is always to make new people in  the church feel welcome! You have a huge gift. You and your sis were one of the first ladies I hugged at Agnes Baptist Church.

Shaun Ellis- My beautiful MIL. I pray I will be a woman like you who would do anything to help someone. Thank you for working hard as a single mom to raise a GREAT guy -my husband!

Amber Nyce- I will always remember our great chats while our kiddos played football. You taught me many things in those two years. One of my first friends in Tri Cities.

Katie Goff- I met you at our hubby's company dinner in Tri Cities. I really enjoyed our time sharing what the Lord was doing in each of our lives. I fell in love with your family and we developed a great friendship. I will always cherish it!

Kristi Edmunds-  We met in Texas and we will be forever friends!

Alana Hunt- You were  my neighbor and good friend. Thank you for those great morning chats over coffee and wonderful memories of our kids playing together. I miss your family.

The next 10 will follow next week...