Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Weekly Journal Tuesday

For Today

 It has been a challenging time in my life but I am taking steps to move forward every day. 

Outside my window......Beautiful crisp fall day- Sunny

I am thinking............I can't wait to have a coffee tonight!
Church.............We are in the 6th week of Sunday School classes that parallel what Blake is learning in Sunday School. It is neat to see that our own Bible lessons are on the same topics. We have been challenged to work on the things we learn during the week and then we discuss how it went in class. 

We are adjusting to this area. We have had many challenges but I am still hopeful we will make friends and this will begin to feel like home. It has been a blessing to be closer to our family now. We have had several family members come to visit, in fact almost every weekend for the past couple months. 

From The Learning Rooms....
some of his photos

(thank you Grandma Shaun for leaving us your camera to use)

At the park with the family

"Umm...really MOM?"


Report on Koalas
 Daily Grams


Amid trials hard, temptations strong, and troubles constant, true faith is persevering faith.
Author Unknown

I am thankful for:  a new day with renewed strength, funds to purchase 2 new tires for our car, answered prayer (grandma had 3 mo cancer check- no cancer!)
From The Kitchen... Hamburgers

I am reading..... Bible

I am creating:  nothing this week ;)

I am praying.... My marriage, finances, Austen- a good friend,
new godly friendships, growth in my spiritual walk,
friends & family who have cancer, friends who are hurting, ect...

Around the house .... cleaning, cleaning, never ending cleaning...

New.....We started the Dave Ramsey financial series. So far we have had 2 budget meeting. Blake started KIX on Sundays from 4-5:30

A few plans for the week...
Austen youth group Tuesday from 7:30-9:00
Blake practice Tue-Thurs 5:30-7:15
Homeschool Mom Night out Tue 6:00-8:00
Game Day Saturday 9:00 am
Church- Sunday 9:00-12:00
KIX (Kids In Christ) 4:00-5:30

Happy Trails....

Grady & Blake