Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Living with Chronic Pain~ Fibromyalgia

This gal Dominie, sends out news letters on fibro. It has been such a blessing. When you suffer with pain it can be very lonely, and isolating, because many do not understand.

Fibromyalgia is real. I was diagnosed in 1982 and have maintained an informational and supportive website at since 1996. I also write a free weekly newsletter covering many topics related to FMS. I am “managed” but not “cured” ( I have heard from thousands of people with fibromyalgia from all over the world. They have identical symptoms, but differ in lifestyle, culture, gender, climate, diet, age, race, nationality, occupation, education, etc. I believe that fibromyalgia may be something viral adversely affecting the brain and nervous system. A list of occupations of my readers is at You will see that fibromyalgia is an “equal opportunity” illness. For those who are “skeptics,” may I caution you to temper your statements, as your turn may be next.— Dominie Bush

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Back To The Blessed Old Bible

Back To The Blessed Old Bible

Back to the blessèd old Bible,
Back to the city of God
Back to the oneness of Heaven,
Back where the faithful have trod.
Back from the land of confusion,
Free from the bondage of creeds
Back to the light of the morning,
Jesus our Captain leads.
Back to the blessèd old Bible
Back to the light of its word:
Be on our banners forever,
“Holiness unto the Lord.”
Back to the blessèd old Bible
Saints of Jehovah,
Jesus is calling His people
Back to the land of their choice.
Often our fathers had sought it
While they in Babel abode,
Now we have found the fair city,
Church of the living God
Back to the blessèd old Bible,
Leaving confusion and strife;
Fleeing from Babel to Zion,
Back to the joy of our life.
Over the mountain we wandered,
Looking in vain for the right,
Now in the evening we’ve found it,
Truth of the Gospel light.
Back to the blessèd old Bible,
Back at the Master’s call,
Back to the words of our Savior,
Loving, obeying them all.
Never in sects to be scattered,
Never again to do wrong:
Unity, holiness, Heaven,
Ever shall be our song.

Monday, March 1, 2010

Monday...back on track

Great Quotes...with wisdom

Success in marriage is much more than finding the right person; it is a matter of being the right person.

Some women work so hard to make good husbands that they never quite manage to make good wives.

From: Apples Of Gold