Friday, April 10, 2009

Friday's Weekly Wrap Up Meme

Ok, so I am going to try and blog, my world has been busy, to busy to blog lately! But since my hubby and kiddos are outdoors well....why not?

Monday we stayed home and got some much needed house cleaning done. It was a pretty event less day.

Tuesday evening was Lord's Supper...we stayed home, did school, and read our bibles together. I did not allow any games or TV for the day beings it was The Lords Supper.

Wednesday was busy, we did school, I caught up on correcting, and then we headed for swimming at the YMCA. After swimming we went to Mc D's for dinner and then headed for church. It was a GREAT message, as always.

Thursday Austen and I went to work in Blake's class for the morning. They were doing testing all day, so we helped out there.

Today was our homeschool co op day. We start off having coffee at the local coffee shop and then we go the church and the kids do their school work. Blake wanted to have Trav over to stay the night tonight. They just have a blast together. We love him like he is our own! When Wayne got home he wanted to go out to eat so we all went to Izzys Pizza. Now I am full, tied and ready for bed!!!

Beyond Jelly Beans~

Beyond Jelly Beans~ meaning Behind Easter Symbols

Christians celebrate Easter to remember the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. The story of Easter can be found in . While chocolates, jelly beans and fluffy stuffed animals have become icons of this spring celebration, the holiday's symbols are rich in tradition and meaning.
The lamb reminds us of the Jewish celebration of Passover, which occurs each spring. In biblical times, the Jews sacrificed lambs to atone for their sins.

In John 1:29, Jesus is called the Lamb of God who takes away the sin of the world because his death on the cross parallels the sacrificial lamb used in the Passover ceremony.

An egg represents new life because many birds and other animals hatch from eggs in the spring. People can find new life through a relationship with God made possible by Jesus' death on the cross (1 John 5:12).

The cross symbolizes Jesus' death by crucifixion as a sacrifice for our wrongs and to give us eternal life (John 11:25).

However, the rabbit is a secular (not religious) symbol of the season. During the spring equinox, the Saxons in Northern Europe celebrated a festival called "Eastre" or "Eostre" dedicated to the goddess of spring. Her symbol was the rabbit, which is also a fertility symbol.

The symbols of Easter are rich in tradition and meaning. Carla Foote

Sunday, April 5, 2009

He Careth For You.....

"He Careth For You"

Cast all your care upon Jesus,

Who ever careth for you,

He will sustain and uphold you,

He will be faithful and true.

Jesus our blessed Redeemer,

Jesus, our Shepherd and Guide,

Ever will bear all your burdens,

Ever will stay by your side.

Jesus knows all of your problems,

Knows all our trial and care,

He's ever ready to help us,

Ready to answer our prayer.

Oh! what a comfort in trial,

Just to lean hard on this Friend,

Trust Him for grace and deliverance,

Learning on Him to depend.

Jesus wants you to be happy,

Wants you to have peace and rest;

Cast all your care then upon Him,

Lean on His strong, loving breast.

Careth? Oh yes! Jesus careth,

His own are dear to His heart;

All His beloved whom He died for,

They are to Him set apart.

Oh! how He cares for His people,

Guards them and keeps them alway,

Wants them to share in His glory,

All through eternity's day.

Make your requests then to Jesus,

Trusting His promise so true;

Roll on the Lord all your burden,

For He is caring for you.

--by Lois Beckwith