Thursday, January 8, 2009

Thursdays Ramblings 'The Mucus Monster'

The mucus monster has decided to camp out! Ugh....still fighting this cold. Yesterday was not so much of a productive day, I failed at getting things done ;( Hubby got home and I didn't even have dinner done, it was one of those days.....we all have them -uh. I did manage to work out in the early afternoon....Lost 3 lbs whooohoooo! I did cut both of the boys hair.

Today will be busy both the boys have dentist appointments and Wayne has a doctors appointment at 2:30 today.


There has been flooding in some of the areas near us. It is so sad to see these poor elderly losing their homes as well as others. There are several at church who have been effected by this. They are saying it will be worst then it was in 96'. Let us pray for these dear people.

Wayne just called and he has a horrible tooth ache, so he asked if I could call to get him into the dentist. He has been dealing with some dental issues for some time now. Poor guy, I asked him last night if I should make him an appointment this morning but he said "no", it would be to hard to do 2 appointments in one day. But he has changed his mind. He had an upper molar pulled a week or so ago. I'm not sure if its that tooth or another one? We shall see.

Have a blessed day

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