Thursday, January 29, 2009

Homeschool Stats

This is amazing! I have several of them....I looked up today.

Note First:
I am so tired of people putting me and my family down for choosing to homeschool . For instance, yesterday I went to the dollar tree and got a few extra things to decorate our school room. The lady at the checkout was asking all kinds of silly questions. One comment she made was "Do your kids like it? Do they miss out on socializing? Akkkkkk, people truley do not know the facts!!!

Just how prevalent is home education today? The data indicate there are approximately 1.23 million American children being taught at home. This finding (which has an estimated margin of error of ± 10%)

Homeschool Works!!!!
Why are so many parents choosing to home school? Because it works. This study shows that home educated students excel on nationally-normed standardized achievement exams. On average, home schoolers out-perform their public school peers by 30 to 37 percentile points across all subjects
Do You have to have a teachers degree to homeschool?
Critics often claim that only parents with teaching credentials can effectively home school. The data from this study suggest otherwise. Home school students’ test scores segmented by whether their parents have ever held a teaching certificate reveal a differential of only three percentile points — the 88th percentile versus the 85th percentile

The overwhelming majority of home schooling parents are married couples (97.3%), compared to only 72% of families with school-age children nationwide (Figure 10). Furthermore, 76.9% of home school mothers do not work for pay, while 86.3% of those who do work, only work part-time. Nationwide, in 1996, only 30% of married women with children under 18 did not participate in the labor force.


The home schooling community contains a smaller percentage of racial minorities (6%) than public schools nationally (32.8%). The religious preferences of home schooling mothers who participated in this study are most often Independent Fundamental (25.1%), Baptist (24.4%), Independent Charismatic (8.2%), Roman Catholic (5.4%), Assembly of God (4.1%), Presbyterian (3.8%), or Reformed (3.4%). In 93.1% of families, the religious preference of the father was the same as that of the mother.
Another distinguishing characteristic is that home schooled children tend to watch significantly less television than do average American children. On average, only 1.6% of home schoolers in the 4th grade watch more than three hours of television per day, compared to nearly 40% of 4th graders nationwide

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