Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Blessings~ Oh YES I'm Blessed!

You know there are times when you wonder what your kids are learning? Is God's Word working in their heart? Many of you know I homeschool Austen (13). Austen has been so good about getting up early (5:30-6) to get his school work done. He has his list for chores he is responsible for every day. For the most part he is pretty good at making sure his chores are done before he has free time.

Well, yesterday I had to go work at the school with Blake (He goes to public about 2 days a week). I spend Monday's with him in class. There are times when Austen will go with me and work in the classroom, but sometimes he stays home and does his school work. I tell you, yesterday was a BIG breakthrough! When I got home Austen had totally went above and beyond his chore list and cleaned the whole house.....even the dishes (yes, that's a shock,lol)! I was really happy and praised him for doing that for me. He then told me, that he has been reading (his literature book) and he learned about how God wants us to work hard without expecting anything in return (Go to the ant thou sluggard, consider her ways and be wise).

He is learning some great principles out of the Word of God, that he would NOT learn in public school! As we look around at today's society there are so many lazy teens, who have no sense of work ethic. It is my desire to train my sons that working hard at everything you do is a MUST! This lesson was not profound, however for Austen, it is. We have really been working on this area in his life. There will be a day he will have to support his own family. It is our responsibility to train them to work hard at all they do!

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