Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Marriage.... Dreams Become Demands Part 2

Part 2 of 4

Demands are anything we believe we must have in order to be happy and fulfilled. To say we prefer a good husband or wife is healthy.God prefers that, too. However, we don't have to have an ideal spouse to be happy and we don't have to have an ideal spouse to enjoy marriage. Couples who enjoy a lifetime marriage of joyful companionship do so inspite of faults and failures. They are people who choose to overlook faults rather than find them.

Proverbs 17:9

He that covereth a transgression seeketh love............Hatred stirreth up strifes; but love covereth all sins.

Dear friend, ......... if we are looking for the bad in anything we are sure to find it! Stop dwelling on those things your husband is 'not' and be thankful for what he 'is'.
When you find yourself in this place, go to God in prayer, repent and thank God for an attribute you love in your husband. Do it a step up and when your husband gets home, thank him specifically for that :)

Until Next Time, May God strengthen our marriages!


Sherry said...

Hi Brandie,

Thanks for visiting my blog! I like yours too...what a flood you all had.

Cute boys!

I bet you are busy keepin up with them!

GraceFromHim said...

Thanks for stopping by Sherry;)
Ya we are thankful we live up high.
However the Columbia River is not far from us.