Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Homeschool~ Group

Our Homeschool Group

Well goodmorning friends. I was reading through some comments and a dear lady asked me to blog about our homeschool group on Friday's.

A few years ago we (ladies at church) decided we would meet on Fridays. We through around some different ideas about things we could do. One of our ladies volunteered to organize it. Every month we put out a home-school calendar for the families. We schedule PE, field trips, holiday gatherings, quarterly presentation nights, yearbook committee, Choir, Art, testing (end of the year), and graduation (for graduating Seniors and students completing a full year, get a completion certificate). The church ladies also have a Bible Study going on Fridays so while the kids are doing PE the ladies can be involved in Bible study.

There has been points of frustration where some times we have a low turn out ( I think we have about 10-15 families). But it is understandable that as a parent we must make sure family comes first. There are also those who's husbands are not so aboard on having a organized homeschool functions. There has been many of times we have not participated. It is my goal though this year to be more involved, because there are those who do need it! As I have said in my last post, my best friend is struggling. She has a 2 girls 12,14 and then a toddler and a baby. We need to be encouragement to each other . I know for me it is a blessing to be able to meet and for the kids to fellowship.

Last year we had several field trips: Train Trip to Seattle , Toured The State Capital, Bonneville Dam, and then we had a fall craft day, and a Christmas ornament making day.

Hope This Helps, Let me know if you have any other questions.


Cathryn said...

Me again. So where is this at? Where in Washington are you?

GraceFromHim said...

My Church is in Longview, and we live in Kalama, about a 35 minute drive or so :)