Sunday, January 11, 2009

Marriage~ Do Dreams Become Demands? Part 1

To expect our marriage partner to fulfill a role that we believe is vital to our happiness weakens our marriage relationship. Dreams that are allowed to grow into demands or impossible standards of perfection produce constant agitation and disappointment rather than than fulfilment. Expectations destroy the atmosphere of acceptance that is so vital to a happy marriage relationship. This ultimately destroys the joy of being married.

A husband or wife's imperfections, sins, and failures may certainly be difficult or disappointing. However, our problems do not rob us of our joy, but rather the way we interpret and respond to our difficulties that produces our unhappiness. Our own emotion-back demands and expectations keep us full of anxiety and resentment. There may be nothing wrong at all with our preferences or our desires. They only become wrong when they become a condition to our happiness or a condition to our loving response.

Who are your relying on for your happiness my friend?


Peggy said...

AMAZING!! This post directly relates to my thoughts from last Sunday regarding the sermon from my Church. This is proof that God speaks to us!

GraceFromHim said...

Amen....God is so good thanks for sharing Peggy. I have been thinking about you the past couple days wondering how you were doing. Did Hubby go with you to church on Sunday?