Thursday, February 19, 2009

Homeschool "How Do You Motivate Your Children"

How Do You Motivate Your Children?
By Joyce Swann

I have never tried to motivate my children. They know what is expected of them in school, and they do it. We have wonderful times together in school, but I have never taken the approach that they should perform well in school because they love learning. I have found that the love of learning is automatic when school is handled properly, but I also believe that no child should be made to feel that he must particularly enjoy something in order to do it well.

I have always told my children that life is filled with things that we do not want to do but must do anyway. At times we may have jobs we do not like. It is likely that God will require us to do some things that we would rather not. We are going to have to do lots of things that are difficult, or boring, or exasperating, but we never have any excuse for not doing our work to the best of our abilities.
By Joyce Swann
Printed in PHS #7, 1994.


Isabel said...

This is good advice for mums too! I need to be reminded that I should do what is required of me whether I feel like itor not!

GraceFromHim said...

Yes, very true