Saturday, February 21, 2009

Bleach....Bleach, and more bleach!

We have had two full weeks of our family getting sick from this flu bug. Just as I thought the flu cloud was gone.... our Mariyah came down with it. She stays with us about every other weekend. For those of you who do not know she is like my own. We have had her of and on since she was a baby :) She is now 8! She lives with her daddy and then my grandma and I have her on the weekends. Her mommy is my first cousin. Sometime I will have to share her testimony, she is my sweet lil girl. I had the privilege to lead her to the Lord about 2 years ago.
She loves the Lord, and always talks about how God watches over her. My oldest woke me up saying she was getting sick, she didn't want to bother anyone to wake us up......poor thing, I told her to never feel that way here (I have told her several times to always come get me).
I think it was about 5am or so. After she had gotten sick she came to me crying
"Mrs. Brandie, I asked God 3 times to please stop me from getting sick."
I said "I know sweetie, sometimes God allows things, he does not take the situation away but he always helps us get through it."
Bless her heart, she has such a tender heart toward God and always wants to please Him.
She got sick a few times, and then she came running to me and said,
"Guess what Mrs. Brandie, you are right God does help us when we are sick, he helped me and guess what I feel better".
I said "Praise God"
She then said
"God always helps those who love him and obey his commandments"
"Yes you are so right Mariayah!, God is good isn't He", I said.
She has been laying on the couch for the morning.
We had the flu for the past two weeks but I'm afraid she has a different strain of it (different symptoms)
and Grandma said there were kids in her class that were getting it during the week. Ikes.....I hope we don't go through another round.
I have been bleaching this house, and using Lysol. I went through and entire can last week.
Laundry is piled up. I will more then likely be to busy to blog for a couple days. See you all then.


Isabel said...

Oh! I've been there! But you will get rid of it...eventually!

Deborah said...

I'm so sorry to hear your family is sick...get better soon...and Mariayah sound like s sweet little girl!

Peggy said...

What a sweet girl! I hope your family doesn't get sick all over again:(