Friday, January 23, 2009

Happily Married~ Respect

Study 1 Peter3:1; Proverbs 31:23

Mothers and wives do more to discourage the development of leadership qualities in men than any other person or factor.

No man acquires the confidence or ability to lead until he has someone who will cheerfully follow him. In fact, it isn't until a husband knows his wife will follow whether she agrees with him or not that he really does learn to take his leadership seriously. Graciously complying with requests your husband makes that you do not like actually provides the very best opportunities to demonstrate love and cultivate your husband's desire to lead well. A wise wife is careful to view submission from a husband's perspective and not her own.

Do we CHEERFULLY follow, or do we constantly disagree with our husbands? Do we GRACIOUSLY comply?

This gives us something to chew on today, it's a BIG OUCH for me. I was raised in a home where my step mom basically ran our home. It wasn't until I started learning about submission to my husband that my marriage changed (still a work in progress). Ladies we do have the power to CHANGE our marriages. But we must learn how to submit and follow our husbands before we will see change!

God rewards a woman who honors her husband's right to lead, whether her husband deserves the honor or not.

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Isabel said...

It's sometimes difficult for us women today to be submissive, especially considering that we were raised bombarded with wrong messages regarding relationships.

I understand that right that you homeschool? Unfortunately where we live it is illegal. I so much desire I could homeschool my kids!