Friday, December 19, 2008


Time: 7:51pm

Thinking: About another storm headed our way.

Homeschool Room: Yay! We finished our week. I did give the kids a snow day to play in the snow.

Thankful For The beauty of God's creation. Last night I got up around 3 am just to check on the boys, I looked out their window to see a young buck and a deer eating some of the fallen apples.

Dinner: Pizza (Yum)

Friend Front: I am concerned and praying for a dear friend who is struggling in her marriage. I called my best friend today to chat :)

My Dear Husband:
Love Him...........he is my man!!! He is tired from a long week of work. The drive back and forth has been hard with this weather.
I Am Hearing: The buzz of the dishwasher and Austen telling me what the news is saying regarding the weather.
Dear Children: Austen is really exited he has plans to go with about 20 guys to go airsoft shooting. Blake and I worked more on grandparent gifts for Christmas. He is playing x-box with daddy now.
I am reading: Happily Married By Debi Pryde
Weekend Plans: We are going to take Austen to town and then we plan on coming home home and playing in the snow:)
Bible Reading: Proverbs 19-20
Praying For: Family Safety, Being able to go to church Sunday, My dear hubby, children, finances, Friends, Pastor and Careys saftey on their trip, Grandma (sick).

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