Tuesday, December 16, 2008

It's Tuesday!

Well I have not much time to write but just a small bit today. I had to make a trip to town to get the Christmas gifts we made at Office Max. The roads weren't to bad, a little icy though.

This Friday is the Adult Christmas banquet at the church. Austen has plans to stay at a friends and so we will just have Blake.

I am so tired of the news........I only turn it on to see weather when hubby gets home. I think I;ll stick with the puters news.

Snow is still here and it's Brrrrrr cold outside. Another storm is headed this way tonight. We are suppose to get 3-6 inches. I am glad I went to the store and stocked up.

I need to get off here and get Austens work corrected and then get ready for dinner. My sweetie should be home here pretty quick :)

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