Friday, October 3, 2014

Weekly Wrap Up...10/3/14

What a week! I have still been high on the pain scale this week but thankful for the good days and sunshine. We are going into week 5 on Monday. I am beginning to see Blake go through that fun  stage of puberty....difficult time. 
To ease into this new change we started with this book . I was very impressed and would highly recommend this for your tween boys.

For sports this year Blake is continuing to play Football. I was  pleased to get him on a great team with wonderful coaching. (This is always a concern when we transfer leagues). In the winter, we will try wrestling and see how that goes. He has been exited to meet two Christian boys on his team and another who homeschools.  For Bible we are doing the S.O.A.P. Study together. It is fun to read a chapter and then see what verses speak to us each day. Blake is filling up his Bible notebook with God's Word. Last night we had a camp-out in our front room together. I am going to cherish the moments he wants to spend with me because soon enough that will be gone... {sigh}.
And now....Off to a great weekend!

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