Saturday, December 13, 2008

Blake & Mommy Made Cookies :)
Oh soooo beautiful...We have such beautiful scenery from our front hand back deck :)

Boys on the trampoline

We awoke to a blanket of snow today! It was absolutely beautiful! The kids had fun playing in it and jumping on the trampoline full of snow :)

Blake and I made yummy NO BAKE cookies tonight. He really enjoyed cooking with mom. We had some grocery shopping to do before we get trapped in because of the weather. Tomorrow is when it's really suppose to snow and get really cold.

I am so not ready for Christmas...............I guess I'm going to have to do my shopping next week. Times have been tough on our finances. Wayne got his hours cut, so it will be very tight. I am praying this economy will bounce back. However I know God will take care of us, just as he has done in the past :) There are so many out of work I'm just thankful my husband has a job!

Austen is just getting over a bad cold, and he has passed it on to Wayne...........ugh now I am starting to get a soar throat

Great Movie we watched tonight with the kiddos......Space Monkeys

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April Headrick said...

cute pics of the kids!! :D Wow you did get a lot of snow!!!