Monday, February 24, 2014

Sunday Sermon Notes (2-23-14)

Life Point Church

What a great sermon! I love how God just spoke volumes through this message. Lord help me live my life as a CHILD of the KING! I have been living as an EXILE, it's time for change!

Exile identity:
  • Fretting about how our culture isn’t following God.
  • Fearing that our lives will get less comfortable as a result.
  • Being dismayed or disillusioned at events that reveal that this world is lost and dead in sin without Christ.
  • Insulating ourselves in close-knit, fearful subcultures, driven by anxiety that the world will infect us.
  • Being defined by what we are against, rather than what we are for.
  • Reviling and condemning culture, reacting to the threat we feel from it.
  • Existing in fragmented community because we are driven by fear.
  • Getting lost in the feeling of being dispossessed, cast out, not belonging.
  • Not simply being aware that we are strangers in our world, but living in a prison of fear, hopelessness, and anxiety because we are exiles in our world.
Child of the King identity:
  • Walking day by day in the living hope that is ours through Jesus Christ.
  • Living in obedience to Jesus.
  • Serving Christ, not our own comforts.
  • Laying down our lives for one another, at peace and motivated by the Spirit of God.
  • Engaged in our world, seeking the welfare of the city that God places us in.
  • Aware of culture, but not in fear of culture.
  • Not blindly consuming culture, but intentionally engaging culture with redemption in view.
  • Blessing when we are cursed.
  • Striving daily, as we trust in God through suffering.
  • Living in united community as we engage Jesus’ mission together.
  • Focused on being owned by God, belonging to him, in his redeemed community (the church).
  • Lived out in hope, trust in God, obedience to Jesus, and redemptive engagement in our world.
Do you see the difference? It is a matter of attitude and perspective.
Exiles in the world, live as children of the King.  

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