Monday, February 24, 2014

My Week 2-24 to 2-28


School 9-3
Wrestling Practice 6-7:30


Pick up Austen 9:30am
School 11-4


School 9-3
Match 5:45-8


School 9-3
Wrestling Practice 6-7:30


School 9-3
Tournament 5:45-9pm


Casey's Baby Shower


Tonya said...

Haven't been here in awhile, good to see you.
How is the fibro coming? Did you recently move again? Are you staying for awhile?
Is this your hubs job?
Blessings to you and thanks for all the prayers.

GraceFromHim said...

Hi Tonya!

Yes, we moved here in November. The funny thing is it is the same house we moved from before we first moved away to Texas. Fibro seems to be stable for now. I plug along *smiles*. DH came back to the same company he left a few years ago (great Christian company).

I think of you often and pray as I can't even imagine how hard it has to be without dear Bryce. Oh how he stole my heart! What a legacy he leaves.You have been such a HUGE testimony to me and to others as well that I personally know!

It is so nice to see pictures and follow you on FB :)

Love you friend.

P.S. I am really interested in the detox program you do. Can you send me some info on it?