Wednesday, August 17, 2011


Spiritual Circumcision: “Cutting away everything from life, but the will of God.” - John MacArthur

I can't even find the words but I will try

Lord Help me

To Love instead of judge
To Yell STOP when my brain is saying to freak out
To accept people the way they are w/o wanting them to change
To live in the moment and not worry about the next hour
To trust God knows the future
To be OK with failing (ummm this is hard to even type)
To listen instead of talk
To be thankful for the day God gave me despite the circumstances.

Why is it that as Christians we feel the need to condemn rather then to LOVE.
Jesus loved us ...knowing we are sinners...he accepted us knowing we are sinners.
I think of the Samaritan women who came to get water.
This women had no idea what she would encounter that day. She had 5 different husbands the Bible tells us. She had searched for love and acceptance and found it not. On that day when Jesus approached her, I can imagine her thought was that she would be cast more judgment for the way she had lived. She could not understand why Jesus would ask her for a drink. She knew that Jews did not speak or associate with Samaritans. In their conversation the Samaritan women asked if Jesus was a prophet, He knew she had been with 5 husbands. Jesus loved her, he knew her sin and knew all of her shortcomings, yet he chose that day to be at that specific place with her.

Everyone wants to be accepted, everyone wants to be loved.
I want to help reach the lost and share the good news of Salvation! Look people are not going to respond when we condemn and judge them. They will only respond out of love. How do we love them? Well we love them where they are at. Jesus called us to love.

In many of my relationships including marriage I have been guilty of judging and condemning before loving FIRST. I feel so foolish for not seeing this sooner in my life. But I am thankful God is showing me now some reaping of showing LOVE. It works. After all, I fear judgement and I want acceptance. I know the one who KNOWS me, accepted me and died for me...even with every sin I will ever commit!

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