Friday, January 15, 2010

A godly marriage......How?

Loving Relationships Grow from Sacrifice

The world implies by all it teaches that happiness is in getting, not giving. The world's philosophy exhorts us to meet our marriage partners needs so they in turn will be agreeable to meeting our own. The world's way is to give in order to get. In contrast, a godly wisdom exhorts us to meet our marriage partners needs sacrificially, out of love and forget ourselves altogether.

When people give to get, they begin to believe they are entitled to a partner's attention. And when their supposed needs are not met, they become embittered and resentful and begin to assume withdrawing acts of love is a justifiable response. This only begins a snowball reactions of resentment and retaliation that drives a relationship into the icy water of alienation.

Does Jesus love us because we deserve to be loved? No...... Jesus loves us because He is loving, not because we deserve His love or merit it in any way.

* Delight to meet each others needs
* Don't let selfishness creep in.
* Self Sacrifice is the strength and foundation of true love.

~Next week....Selfless Love Cannot Be Destroyed


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