Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Confessions Of A_____________.

confessions of a __________.

Ha.... you, guess what that missing word is when I am finished with the blog post. And please due forgive me for typos because folks I left my brain at the supermarket! Ya, Umm... the day started off well, but all was lost at the grocery store. I know that those of you who know me are snickering right now! Why is it I always forget to bring my list of things I need?

I am slowly....I mean slowly walking down the first isle in the store, thinking Ok Brandie,you didn't bring your list, you did not eat before you came and, you have not had Doritos in a WEEK!!!! BAD COMBINATION!!

I tried ever, ever so hard to stop myself, I even prayed, Dear Lord you KNOW me, I am weak, I am craving Doritos and those chocolate donuts would go so good with that chocolate milk I just through in the cart! So I ran from the isle like 60 (hey you would have thought I was a professional runner). I said .............GET THEE behind me Satan!! I can not have the JUNK!
Well who do you think won that battle?? I am sitting here at my computer eating a nutritious banana...OOOPS TyPo I mean chocolate donut, trying to muster up the energy to shut off my alarm that is telling me to get off the computer. Now you know I confessed!!! So much for those hard earned, sacrificing 9 lbs that I lost!!! Sheeesh! Oh and the computer thing if you are wondering (I put a timer on so I can be reminded that umm sitting is not getting your housework done!) Ya call me childish, but it works for me.

All RIGHT, I will not tell anymore of my secrets because you may be judging me at this very moment...Ya you are, either you are thinking man she blew it, or your thinking........Brandie has done lost her mind!! LOL.naaa hope you had a laugh today ::::grins:::::

On a serious note. The Lord has been so good to me lately and is giving me peace about the fibro. I ask God daily to restore my peace, it can be difficult when your in pain. But the Lord is answering my prayers and I have a joy I didn't have before this all. Ya, I do feel misunderstood alot but I know my Lord knows just where I am, and He will give me the mercy and grace to get through it! I am learning to have some humor with this all. I am learning to live in the simple things, not to be so uptight about life. Praise I was uptight !!!Well, the Lord is not finished with me there, I got a long ways to go!!!
Can you guess what that missing word was in the title LOL

Hugs, Have a blessed Day!!

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Isabel said...

What a sweet post Brandie! Yes I do fall from sweet things too! Especially biscuits with tea! SO you are definitely not the only one and I definitely do not judge you.

I am happy to hear that you are experiencing new joy even in difficult circumstances. God bless you.