Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Update On Travis

Praise God, Travis is out of surgery and is recovering. They did have to drill into the bone this time, so he is in a lot of pain Carey said. Now we can pray for a speedy recovery and for the pain to be controlled with meds as he heals. This lil guy is tougher then nails, he has a high pain tolerance, never complains....he is amazing! His disease is progressive and won't fully develop until puberty. Please pray for this dear family. They have just been so dependent on God, I don't think I have ever seen Carey break down she is such a testimony! You can see God through them as they go through these incredibly hard times. I am praying God will richly bless them for the blessing they are to our church and my family! I never thought I could love someone like my own family, but God is family is my church!

Thanks so much for praying, even though you don't know this family personally, there is a reason you are reading this, your rewards for your prayers will be seen and felt! God is GOOD, we will give him all the honor and GLORY!!

In Christ Love,


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Deborah said...

Oh, poor little guy! I'm glad to hear things went well...I haven't been able to be at my computer much lately so I'm behind with visiting!