Friday, May 1, 2009

Spring Cleaning...Our Attitude..

Col 3:15
And let the peace of God rule in your hearts, to the which also ye are called in one body; and be ye thankful.

Start by showing a little Gratitude to the others in your family, in your life. So your kids made a mess. Did they help clean up at all? Thank them for their help. Thank them for being at all, even if they didn't help clean up! Imagine your life with out them. Wouldn't it be awful? Did your DH (online this stands either for "Dear Husband" come home from work and complain how you ALWAYS leave the dishes for him? Mine did. Wasn't deliberate. Honest. I tried, "Oh, let me get that! You must have had such a hard day at work." Shoved him out of the way and put the two dishes that had been missed into the dishwasher. Hey! I'm grateful we have a dishwasher! Things could be worse!

If your child can't seem to grasp fractions, it may be your Attitude about it needs adjusting. Make a hard subject fun by making a game of it. There are loads of materials out there that make learning tough subjects fun. So pick that math book that has cartoons. Select a grammar book that sparks the imagination. Buy some inexpensive videos that even the most hardened teen will play over and over. Explore the Internet to find the most delightful sites for children. Go through this check list to see if your methods will lead to success. Whatever you do, avoid feeling guilty about it!

Moms, I know this sounds nearly impossible, but do try to get some Solitude in each day. It's good for your kids to get some, too, but it is primarily important to take care of you, Mom, first. Plan to have some learning time for you. continuously improve yourself, if you don't you'll burn out: guaranteed.

If you don't keep up your Fortitude who will carry on? Plan for nutritious meals and time for exercise right along with planning for your children's homeschooling.

No matter what your Latitude there are other homeschooling parents to talk to, to assist you in many ways. Reach out to them. They may seem very different from you at first, but they are just like your neighbors. At times you'll need them for support and understanding where no one else will do.
As my grandfather always used to say: "Take time to smell the vanilla." There's but maybe a teaspoon of vanilla in a whole cake, but isn't the smell delightful? Life is a like that. Savor the small, special moments of delight and treasure them. The memory of them will get you through the tough times.

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