Friday, May 29, 2009

Prayer Request~


Thanks so much to those who prayed!


Travis came through surgery well, now he needs our prayers for comfort and healing. He will have to wear a brace for 4 months, and it is extremely uncomfortable for him. The whole family needs our prayers. Careys mom (Roxanne)came to help her at the hospital with Travis and she became very ill and they have hospitalized her. Carey is going back and forth to be with her mom and then to be with Travis. I am sure this is exhausting for her.


Yae, good news! He is out of the hospital and recovering well! Fever is gone. They will start back on Chemo now, so please pray for him to feel good through his treatments and for his counts to stay normal.

My Grandma

I went with her Monday to see the Cancer specialist. He is going to run more test including a sample from her bone marrow and then we will know more, next week.

I have had a few prayer updates.


As you see in my side bar, I have been asking for prayer for these dear children. I received an update on Braveheart who has cancer, he is in the hospital with a fever and his counts are very low. His mom said he will have at least a 4 day stay to try and get him better, and for his counts to go back up. Pray also for his family please.


Travis as some of you know is near and dear to us. He is our Pastors youngest boy, and best friends with my son Blake. After his last surgery(he broke the growing rod in his back) he had a check to make sure he was healing ok, and everything was in place. Well come to find out 2 weeks after surgery, the hooks from his spine had come undone. They told mom and dad to take him home, keep him down and in a brace with minimal movement until they can get him in for surgery (surgery date 6/3). He is doing ok but is having a hard time being down. Well what child would at his age, bless his heart! Blake was able to go stay the night with him and keep him company last weekend, it was a good thing :)

Please continue to pray for this family and Travis. They are truly a blessing to us and have been a HUGE testimony to those around them through this incredibly tough time with their son. We can see God through this, because of their FAITH in our God who's mercy and grace carries us through. I can not even imagine, but I know our God is there by their side, and the prayers of ours can help them through this!

My Grandma
My granmda has been going in for tests because they suspected one of her kidneys were shrinking? Well, come to find out through all the blood work and tests, her kidneys are OK, but her blood work indicates something wrong in her bone marrow. The next step is to see the blood specialist which is in the cancer unit at the hospital. I am praying for this visit that is on 6/4, that God would give wisdom to the doctors and whatever the outcome is ........we would all have peace. They did mention that there is a possibility of cancer, but they have to run more tests to see. God is in control :)
Thanks Friends,


momstheword said...

Praying for these children and for your grandma! Cancer is always such a scary word but God is always in control!

I saw Kyndall's button on your blog. Her aunt has said she is fine and was sent home from the hospital. She needs some therapy but otherwise is going to be o.k.

Just thought I'd tell you!

Five Moms & A Blog said...

I recently bought a couple of purses from the thrift store. I bought some shoes too! Why buy new, lol!

~ Nan