Sunday, April 19, 2009

Our Weekend To Seattle, The Space Needle

We had a great time in Seattle. It only took us 2 1/2 hours to get there. Blake could hardly wait to get there. I knew for sure he would be asking 'Are we there yet mom', before we would be 10 minutes into our trip, lol, so I told him I would give him $1 if he didn't ask 'The Question'. Ya right, come on , can you expect a 5 year old to hold back from asking that dreaded question a 100 times before we get there? I was praying so, lol. We were about half way, and we stopped to grab a bite to eat............"Mom, I really don't need that dollar, I already have 20 saved so, another dollar.....ahhh I don't need it mom" . We all laughed, I looked at Blake...."Mom are we ALMOST there? Rofl........he is so funny!

We got to our hotel.....I was not impressed. Our room stunk so bad of like some sort of cleaner. The first thing I did was open the windows. After unpacking everything, we went next door to grandmas room. Blake brough a few toys with him, mostly Lego's. He was standing by the bed and dropped a leggo, so he bent down to look under the bed. "MOM, MOM, there is a ANT HILL!!!". Freaked Out, I didn't want to look under there, I HATE ants, ugh yuck! Sure enough a piece of food had been left and there were ants all over it! I went directly to the front desk and asked for another room. They moved about 4 doors down from us, no ants there lol.

After getting settled in we headed for the Space Needle. Blake with his 5 year old questions, said "Mommy, is it called a needle because it has a needle at the top?" lol. Then he says, " I wonder if there will be a bunch of space men there?" He had grandpa and I in stitches laughing! I was worried that he would get scared going to the top, because you can see out, it is glass windows.

He did great and he was up to the window taking it all in! Ummm....I was the one with my eyes closed, lol. I did NOT like how it shook so much going up! We were able to go outside and walk around, it was very windy but blue skies, so we had GREAT views of Seattle.....breath taking views!

I will share pictures later...I need to get ready for church! Have a BLESSED Sunday :)

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