Thursday, February 12, 2009

Homeschool~ Created for Work

Practical Insights for Young Men~ Bob Schultz

I purchased this book last year at the Homeschool convention. I have 2 wonderful boys that I want to become godly, hard working men someday! As parents, Wayne and I have been trying to instill the value of a hard worker. Today we see so much laziness in boys and men! I want my boys to strive to meet God's standards to please Him when they put the effort in to do a job. I am so thankful that my husband is such a extraordinary example of a hard worker! He is faithful to a job, and always gives his best. I always tell my kids that their dad can do anything....I can always count on him, and so can his employers.

On the back of the book

All young men should be on the road to developing a healthy attitude towards work. Honest productive work is the backbone of strong families and blessed nations.

A few highlight of the book
~ Full of Scripture truths (KJV)
~After every chapter there is a question section.
~ Austen is on PG 103 of 181
Chapter Title 'Sidestepping Discouragement'
Discouragement defeats a worker. It grows from roots of laziness, lack of vision, and selfishness. Discouraged people think too much about themselves and to little about God.

Verse: Nehemiah 4:6


~Mary~ 4boys4me said...

Another good book along the same lines is "Created for Work." I can't remember the author but you could probably find it with a google search. :)

Anonymous said...

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GraceFromHim said...

Thanks Art!

Isabel said...

I tried to comment on your dare to love blog, but I couldn't. ANyways this sounds really good. Looking forward to it!

Liesa George said...

My son, 16, is reading 'Boyhood and Beyond' by B. Schultz. Maybe we'll check that one out next. This one is really good.

Happy Day,

GraceFromHim said...

Isabel~ Thanks for letting me know. I fixed it, I think :)
I am exited about it as well. I will be posting the first Dare for Monday. Looking forward to seeing you there!

Liesa~ Thanks for telling me about another book he wrote! If you are interested we could trade when your son is done with his book?

A Note From Theresa said...

Ok good, this comment box works. I could not comment on your other blogs.

Any way, I just wanted to say how beautiful those pictures are.

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GraceFromHim said...

Ok I finally figured out that I had me setting wrong on my other 2 blogs. They are fixed now :)

Tonya said...

Loved this book and we are (too slowly) going through his BOYHOOD AND BEYOND. I think the author just died last year if I remember right! Take Care,


Austen said...

Love you mom,