Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Another Ick Bug!

My Lil guy has had a icky cold, and then he got the flu on Sunday. We are still trying to get him to feeling better! I can't seem to help the coughing that keeps him up at night, and he is still running a fever. Last night I woke again to coughing and I turned to my husband in frustration and asked him "What can I do, I feel helpless", he replied...
"Let's Pray", so we did (2am in the morning). My sweetie knew what to do :) He seems to be just tired today,and running a low grade fever now. We did a couple school things...His letters, sight words, reading, and Bible. Monday at his school they had a substitute so I was not going to send him anyway. The only day he goes this week is Thursday! Praise God, I would much rather teach him at home.

I have been praying and hoping to change hubbys mind about keeping him in Kindergarten class, but he wants him to finish the year. I can understand. It actually has been a blessing in some ways, because Austen is going to help Blake's teacher with a boy who should be in special ed....but, because of the school funding, he is stuck with the rest of the class. He will help every Thursday. I will continue to work in the classroom on Mondays. Which only leaves him alone in the class every other Wednesday. I honestly do way more seat work with him at home, then he has ever done at school! There has been a handful of times he has come home saying they watched an afternoon Disney movie??? That is crazy!! Well I'm off for the day...Laundry is calling my name.

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Aliene said...

Thanks for stopping by and reading about the eagles. Hope your little boy is better. It is just bug time, I guess. Ick!~