Saturday, January 3, 2009

Ick......getting a cold

Woke up with a real bad sore throat. It's that time of year, thankfully this is my first cold of the season. I am praying I can kick it with lots of vitamin C and rest.
We took down all our Christmas stuff today. That was a job in itself lol. We had a great visit Thursday night with my dad and step mom. The kids enjoyed it as well. Blake is spending the night with Mariyah at grams house. She was planning on making their Gingerbread houses today. Austen finally figured out his x-box 360. We had to buy the hard drive 60gb.
I am I'm off to bed. I want to get my rest so I'm feeling better to go to church in the am. Wayne has been just so exited since our New Years service, he is looking forward to being in the house of God tomorrow :)


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Peggy said...

I hope you are feeling better and were able to make it to Church:)