Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Happy Birthday Grandma!

Dear Grams

Words can not say how much I am thankful for you today, and every day.

The time we have been able to spend together, the long phone calls, the hugs, cards, gifts, prayers, and unconditional love. God knew hen I was born, that he would show his love through you. You are truly a soul I admire, your forgiveness, love and devotion for each and every family member, your thoughtfulness of every occasion and holiday. As I reflect this day of you and what a blessing you are in my life, I see God and his love for us.

I am so blessed to have you for all these years and never do i want to take for granit the time I have with you here on this earth. Never once have you let me down or made me feel unwanted. I have always known I can count on you for anything.

Today is your Birthday, and I want to tell you what is on my heart as I thank God for another year to have you in my life.

May God bless us with more years together.

Poem To You

I just want to let you know You mean the world to me Only a heart as dear as yours Would give so unselfishly
The many things you've done All the times you were there Help me know deep down inside How much you really care
Even though I might not say I apreciate all you do Richly blessed is how I feel Having a grandmother just like you
With All My Love,

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