Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Tuesday's ramblings :)

Good afternoon..........friends
Are ya' all ready for Christmas?

Well we finally were able to get out yesterday and get a few things. I have tons to do today. We ended up chaining up on the way back home so we could get into our driveway.

Wayne will be off now for 6 days :)

He has spent most of the morning doing some deep cleaning. He is always going, going, going.....wears me out when he is home, but I love it!

We will be staying home Christmas Eve and then Christmas day we are going over to my MIL's for a traditional Prime Rib dinner. The kids are very exited, they have been playing outside most of the morning, and afternoon. I sure miss church! I can't wait to be back into the regular schedule to tell you the truth.

Well I'd better go plop another load of laundry in and get the kiddos some lunch.

Blessings to All,


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