Friday, December 26, 2008

God Is Good!

I know the title becomes redundant, but I really am just so thankful today for His love. This Christmas was different then any other Christmas. I tend to just get stressed getting ready for the Holiday season, but I had a joy that was NEW this Christmas. Praise God!

We made all our gifts for the grandparents and had such a great time doing it together :)

Christmas Eve we gathered together, and my my dear hubby ready the Christmas truly was such a blessing! This was a first for ALL of us as a family to do. The kids were very exited that daddy was reading it to us this year!

Blake enjoyed all the baking and crafts we did. Austen has been enjoying being outside with dad and spending good quality time together. It has been nice to have him at for the week.
Last night we spent at my MIL's house having Christmas dinner. The kiddos got to open their gifts and play with their cousins.

What a BLESSING this Holiday has been. Thank You Jesus!!!!

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