Monday, June 8, 2015

ENGAGE #4 Life Groups

Word of the Year- ENGAGE

"Christianity means a lot more than church membership."-Billy Sunday

We had been attending Lifepoint Church for 6 months before I decided I would take another step in faith and join a Life Group. Because our church is over 1000 members they put a program in place to help build community. Small groups are vital in a church this size. I had so many reservations knowing I would be attending alone (because my husband doesn't go). But, I also knew if I didn't reach out then I wouldn't get to know others and build relationships here. 

I remember the first time I attended, Angela (One of the group leaders) happily greeted me at the front door. She was very friendly and approachable and made me feel really comfortable. What I found so intriguing though was that she was very transparent sharing her testimony the first day. I have learned after years of moving how comforting this can be for a newcomer. It can take months to cultivate friendships but I felt like this was going to be a real friendship from the start. She shared that she is a speaker and a writer. What a blessing to find such a genuine gal and the best part is that she is in my small group. Our group has a vast mixture of ages and people from different walks of life, all coming together once a week to study God's Word and build community as a family of God.

Angela was the first sweet lady that met but in time I got to know several wonderful ladies and gents in the group. Each of them bringing a different dynamic to our group. I love how God brings us together. God works through others in such an awesome way. I come out each week challenged and motivated to live my life out as a new creature in Christ. Not only should we get encouragement but we need to GIVE encouragement. I think this group is great at that!

I had to choose to 'Engage' in a small group. Thankful I did!

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