Friday, February 14, 2014

Friday's Weekly Wrap Up 2-14-14

What a week it has been. We watched the Lord provide just as he has promised. His timing is always perfect! Wayne has been working hard. These past few weeks we have had some problems with our white Ford. He has spent many nights after work working on it. Our prayer is to sell it soon.

Drain field has failed and we were told to conserve on water. Laundry is piled up and dishes are only done twice a week. -YIKES- It's paper plates and RED solo cups *grins*

 Austen is very busy with school and working. It is exiting to see him grow into a man of  great character. This past 2 weeks he has worked with his Shaun cleaning up a piece of property to get ready to sell. 

Blake is in his 3rd week of wrestling and has really enjoyed the sport. I am happy to report that I think he has turned over a new leaf...... his *room* has been SPOTLESS  all week!!! This momma is impressed.

Tuesday I was able to go to Longview and meet with Becky and the kids for lunch. We had a great visit, as always!

Lastly, I am THANKFUL the snow is gone......... 

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