Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Tuesday Journal 9-18-12

 For Today
Outside my window......the dark sky

I am thinking............Coffee is sounding so good.

From The Learning Rooms....
Bible ~ How Wisdom Acts
Spanish~ Seasons & Months Of The Year
Math~Khan Academy SAT Prep
Science~ Systems of the Body
Life Management~Resume Writing
Spelling~ SAT Prep
Writing~ SAT Prep


Bible~ Daily Challenge:
Psalm 84:10
"Choose a way you'll remember to trust God instead of complaining"
Math~ T.T 5 & Daily Warm ups
English~  Review parts of speech
Science~ The Human Body 'Nervous System'
Spanish~ Months of the Year
Writing~ History of Chewing Gum
History~ Geography 

I am thankful for:  God providing for last week, a renewed energy, healthy children, and a very hard working husband!

From The Kitchen... Crock Pot Night

I am reading..... Proverbs Fountain of Life

I am creating:  New Website 
Where I can organize my tags

I am praying.... For Austen to learn the true freedom in forgiveness,
For Blake to learn the difference between our wants and our needs,
Funds for 4 new tires on the Tahoe, 
New godly friendships, growth in my spiritual walk,
Friends who have cancer
Around the house .... Flea bombing today, getting ready for company to get here Thursday.

A few plans for the week
Football Pics
Football Practice Tue-Thurs 5:30-7:15
Family Coming-  Thursday through Sunday

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