Monday, August 20, 2012

(I read a Proverbs a day and record which verse or verses God speaks to me)
Proverbs 20

Proverbs 20:13
Love not sleep, lest thou come to poverty; open thine eyes, [and] thou shalt be satisfied with bread.

When I read this verse today it made me think of how important it is to teach my children how to be diligent about all that they do. I need to make sure that while I teach them at home they have a schedule.  Having a set bed time and a set arise time helps them develop a healthy way of living. I hear of many parents letting their children stay up until late hours in the night and then the child is free to get up whenever they feel like it. The Bible tells us to 'love' not sleep. 

Proverbs 20:22

Say not thou, I will recompense evil; [but] wait on the LORD, and he shall save thee.

This verse speaks to me about getting even with someone. I should not try to get even but rather pray and wait on the Lord. He knows what that other person needs. I don't  know the other persons heart or motives. Often we assume things that are just not true. I need to leave it with God he will settle it.

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