Saturday, July 23, 2011

Weekend Ramblings...

Summer seems to be going quick! Austen has been in drivers education almost 2 weeks. He should be able to get his permit next week! I finally have some quiet time to blog a bit. The boys went with Wayne riding. It has been very warm here, but I sure enjoy sitting under the patio cover out back with the misters running. I got a surprise this am from a neighbor...a dozen pretty! It is good to live in a neighborhood where you feel safe and people are friendly.

We are looking forward to having family visit the next couple months. My SIL, MIL, niece and nephew are coming in August. Then my grandparents are coming September 5th for a week! The kids are so exited.

Last week I learned so much in the class. We talked about parenting and how our children really need us to encourage them. The gal who runs the class is super sweet and loves the Lord...I have been gleaning so much from her talks. My walk has been a bit shaky lately . I think just getting settled in a new church and not having the Christian friendships and accountability has weighed on me. The verse that keeps ringing in my ears is "A man that hath friends must shew himself friendly" (Prov 18:24). The neat thing that has happened here is that we have really come together as a family! The time together has been so good!

There have been some relationships here I have really questioned, it is so hard to know how other people feel and at times I drive myself crazy worrying about it. People back home knew me and here it is starting all over. Fear can cause so much frustration and other emotions. Aww well learning and growing!

Smells like my brownies are almost done. I will be wrapping them up and we will send out a few dishes tomorrow to the neighbors.


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