Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Hmmm..It is way to late to Blog!

Today I have been in a fog. Hubby came home tonight,
Hmm why are you down? And of course...I said
"I don't know"...lol
Do you ever feel like the conversation in your head just won't leave you alone?
Akkk! All these thoughts, then the prayer request that make my heart heavy.
Hearing that my grandma spoke to my mom brought on different emotions.
I just felt like I was in such a battle. I have not really been able to focus
on any one task today. I have muddles through school with the boys. Austen is still struggling in math, so we started doing it together. It was around noon and I was already tired and wanted
to nap. So I slept until 5 :O......ran like mad to get dinner done.
Now it is 12:10 and I am finally tired enough to go to bed!
Tmorrow is a new day..... Lord be my guide!

1 comment:

Deborah said...

oh, you're not alone...I can so relate to that fog!