Saturday, May 1, 2010


Excuses, excuses, you hear them everyday. Now, the devil he'll supply them, if from church you stay away. When people come to know the Lord, the devil always loses, So to keep them folks away from church, he offers them excuses!

In the summer, it's too hot, and in the winter, it's too cold. And in the springtime, when the weather's just right, You find some place else to go. Well, it's up to the mountain Or down to the beach or to visit some old friend, Or just to stay home and kinda relax and hope some of the kinfolks drop in.
Well, the church bench is too hard, and that choir sings way too loud. And, boy, you know how nervous you can get when your settin' in a great big crowd. The doctor told you you'd better watch them crowds, they'll set you back, But you go to that ballgame, cause you say it helps you to relax.

Well, you have a headache Sunday morning and a backache Sunday night. Well, one of the children has a cold, pneumonia, do you suppose? Why the whole family had to stay home, just to blow that poor kids nose!

The preacher, he's too young, maybe he's too old. His sermons, they're not fired enough, or maybe their too bold. His voice is much too quiet, sometimes he gets too loud, He needs to have more dignity or else he's way too proud.

His sermons, they're too long. Maybe, they're too short. He ought to preach the Word with dignity, instead of stomp and snort. Why, one of the members told me the other day, "He didn't even shake my hand."


Debbie said...

I have not heard that song in ages.. It's so true!!

Aliene said...

Has been a long time since I have heard that song. I have the music somewhere in my stack of music.