Friday, April 10, 2009

Friday's Weekly Wrap Up Meme

Ok, so I am going to try and blog, my world has been busy, to busy to blog lately! But since my hubby and kiddos are outdoors well....why not?

Monday we stayed home and got some much needed house cleaning done. It was a pretty event less day.

Tuesday evening was Lord's Supper...we stayed home, did school, and read our bibles together. I did not allow any games or TV for the day beings it was The Lords Supper.

Wednesday was busy, we did school, I caught up on correcting, and then we headed for swimming at the YMCA. After swimming we went to Mc D's for dinner and then headed for church. It was a GREAT message, as always.

Thursday Austen and I went to work in Blake's class for the morning. They were doing testing all day, so we helped out there.

Today was our homeschool co op day. We start off having coffee at the local coffee shop and then we go the church and the kids do their school work. Blake wanted to have Trav over to stay the night tonight. They just have a blast together. We love him like he is our own! When Wayne got home he wanted to go out to eat so we all went to Izzys Pizza. Now I am full, tied and ready for bed!!!


gina said...

Sounds like a busy, but productive week!

Have a Blessed Easter!

Kris said...

Any week that ends with not having to cook dinner *has* to be a good week. ;-) Thanks for joining in the Weekly Wrap-Up this week. I enjoyed reading about your week.

Tonya said...

sounds like you have a great coop, is it just families from your church? where do you have coffee that all the kids are not too it a small group?

Nekey said...

Loved hearing about your week. It sounds like it was wonderful.