Monday, June 8, 2009

Sunday's Blessing

It is ALWAYS refreshing to be in the House of God!
Yesterday was full of blessings: Great sermons that I can ponder this week, great people to be around, and spending part of the afternoon with my grandma and grandpa.
It was so nice to see Carey(which I didn't get a chance to visit with) was able to be there because her mom and Travis are both out of the hospital, Praise God for answered prayer.
I have so much more to share but today is going to be very busy, as Monday's are always busy for us. I am meeting some sweet ladies from our church to walk at the lake, and then I will swim for just a bit., and then it's off to the dreaded Dr's appt! I probably won't be home until around 3:00 or so.


Isabel said...

Hi! So how was your swim?

Hope you appt went OK.

GraceFromHim said...

Heya Isabel

My swim went well :)
My doctors appointment was a bit stressful, but I am just learning as I go. Test results shows my body has high inflamation. I am working at getting things back to normal :) Thanks for asking sweetie, hope all is well your way :)